Essential Oils for Diabetes Management and Treatment

Diabetes, one of the most common metabolic chronic illnesses has been linked to various serious diseases including heart attack. With doctors’ prescribed medicines being the most common treatment aside from change of lifestyle, essential oils for diabetes are actually good helps as well.

It is true that no cure for diabetes and it can only be managed and controlled. So, what the essential oils do is basically the same as what medicines do, to control diabetes so it doesn’t get worse. The oils basically are used as integrative components toward managing the symptoms and causes of diabetes.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon is the most common essential oil used for diabetes. It is believed to be an effective diabetes relief. Not only is it useful for diabetes prevention and management but also for weight loss, glucose lowering and pancreatic support.

By supporting pancreatic, it leads to blood sugar benefits. Since it is an irritant oil, it should be carefully used to avoid any side effects. If you cannot find cinnamon oil, any forms extracted from cinnamon are actually fine to use. While consuming it, make sure to regularly monitor blood sugar level in daily basis.essential oils for diabetes essential oils for diabetes v

Blended Oils Used for Insulin Sensitivity

When several essential oils for diabetes are combined together, it can produce effect of synergy which means that the combination produce stronger effects. This is basically the reason why oil blend and formula is such a common.

In case of diabetes prevention and management, the combination includes oregano, cumin, cinnamon and fenugreek. This combination results in oil blend that works in improving insulin sensitivity. It can be diluted into carried. Or, it can be consumed in drinks, recipes and capsules. Be sure to consume it in the right dosage. Consult to doctors or practitioners for further details and dosage.

Melissa Essential Oil

Another essential oil used for diabetes prevention and management is Melissa oil. It is known to support glucose regulation. Actually, Melissa oil and other essential oils have anti-diabetic properties. So, it can always work effectively to help manage this condition. It works by breaking down the glucose or sugar into any usable energy.

According to a research, those had heavily diluted in low dose of Melissa essential oil experienced reduced diabetes markers in multiple facets. It proved this oil can work as effective hypoglycaemic agent to enhance metabolism and glucose uptake. With various essential oils to consume for diabetes management, your condition will always be under control.