What are the Effects of Diabetes for the Body ?

When diabetes is not diagnosed or not controlled, the body will get some effects of diabetes. There are various effects from this disease that can lead to complication of diabetes. If the diabetes is not diagnosed yet, the diabetics will feel some symptoms of this disease such as increased thirst and hunger, passing urine more than usual, has blurred vision, and others.

The diabetes sufferer also can have high level of blood sugar, high cholesterol, and also high blood pressure. By knowing how diabetes can affect the body, hopefully the diabetics can prevent the diabetes complication. Then, for more detail about this information follow this review below.

The Effects of Diabetes on The Body

food and drink diabetestic comIn the long term diabetes can affect the body seriously, it can lead to complication of diabetes. Diabetes can destroy the vessels and nerves, and of course it will effect in some part or overall the body. To prevent the diabetes complications, the diabetics can do some healthy lifestyle and also get routine medical check up. It will help maintain the blood glucose level, blood pressure, and also cholesterol.

Then diabetes also can affect the heart that can lead to heart attack. Then high level of cholesterol and blood pressure on the diabetics can increase the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease. Then the high level of cholesterol, blood glucose, and high blood pressure also can lead to stroke.

And then based one of the diabetes symptoms it can blurred the vision, diabetes automatically can effect the eyes. High blood pressure on the diabetes can cause blood vessels swelling. The blood vessels in the back of the eye will get leak and make blurred vision. This condition also called diabetic retinopathy.

In addition high cholesterol and blood pressure also can affect the kidneys. The kidney will be damage because of it, but it can get well with regular medicine, healthier lifestyle, and also control the blood pressure and cholesterol.

Diabetes is kind of complex healthy problem. This disease not only will affect the part of body like foot or hands, heart, eyes, and kidneys but diabetes also can affect the nerves and digestion. High blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol can damage the nerves.

It will be very serious healthy problem because nerves are involved in many body functions. So, the effects of diabetes should be controlled so can not lead to complications.