Different Types of Diabetes Mellitus

There many different types of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes Mellitus or usually called Diabetes is a kind disease of metabolic system. It usually causes a person who suffers from it to have a high concentration or high level of sugar in his blood. Although has been one of the longest running diseases dating back from the ancient era found in ancient Egypt and even ancient Rome, diabetes mellitus is one among the treatable but incurable diseases.

Therefore it is acceptable to say that different types of diabetes medications are not yet exist. There are many types of diabetes mellitus. There are different types of diabetes mellitus, which are Diabetes Mellitus type 1, and Diabetes Mellitus type 2. Of course there are still other types like gestational diabetes that found in pregnant women, but these two types are the most commonly found.type 1 diabetes diabetestic com

First among Different Types of Diabetes, Type 1

Diabetes Mellitus type 1, or often abbreviated as DM type 1, is one among different types of diabetes case that is caused by general lack of insulin hormone from the body. This lack of insulin usually is caused by the pancreas, an organ whose cells function in producing the insulin hormone. The body’s lack of insulin contributes to bad sugar absorption from the blood that caused the concentration of the sugar in blood getting high.

The effect of having a high sugar concentration running around the blood is what appears as the symptoms of diabetes itself. Among these symptoms are the frequent urge to pee, barely insatiable thirst, great hunger, and loss of body weight. This particular type among several different types of diabetes is known to be rarer if compared to the type 2. However, this type of Diabetes Mellitus is known to be hard to be dealt with. A person who suffers from this Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus will have to rely on insulin pump to input enough amount of insulin inside his body to make up for its lack of insulin whose role is crucial in body metabolism.

Second among Different Types of Diabetes, Type 2

Diabetes Mellitus type 2, or generally abbreviated as DM type 2, is one among different types of diabetes of diabetes whose symptoms are typically similar with that of DM type 1. The cause that leads to the suffering from this type, however, is rather different compared to the DM type 1.

This type of Diabetes is usually caused by a certain resistance owned by the body’s cell to insulin hormone that prevents the cells to absorb and use the insulin hormone properly for the metabolic function. This type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is known to be the most common type among other different types of diabetes