Diabetic Test Strips Types

Diabetic test strips are medical tools to determine the concentration of sugar in a person’s blood. They are usually used together with a glucometer or glucose meter after a drop of blood was obtained from the person.

The result is usually in approximate, but it is still an important device for people with hypoglycemia or diabetes mellitus, to be able to monitor their blood sugar level at home. Those with diabetes or hypoglycemia are recommended to check their blood sugar level at least twice a day to quickly detect changes in condition.

Testing Process with Diabetic Test Strips

Diabetic test stripscontain certain chemicals that will react to the glucose in the blood once it is dropped on the strips. Sometimes it is made of plastic with glucose oxidase or other types of chemicals in the middle of it. When blood sugar test strips are used, they would have to be discarded after usage. Besides the test strips, there are also discs that could be used multiple times on some models of glucometer.tools and product diabetestic

To test for blood sugar with glucometer, you will need to first prepare the diabetic test strips. Prick the tip of your finger with sanitized needle or as provided by the glucometer producers. The amount of blood needed for the test could vary among different models, but usually a drop of blood is enough.

Nowadays you can also prick forearm and other part of the body, but the reading is usually less reliable than the fingertip. The reading would be displayed after 3-60 seconds and it would be displayed either in mg/dl or mmol/l. If you are unfamiliar with the glucometer, the type of measurement is highly important so that you are not confused by extraordinarily low or high reading.

Costs and Types of Diabetic Test Strips

Diabetic test strips are not generally expensive, but if you multiply the times you would need to use it at home, the total amount would be really high. For example, if you averagely use the strips twice a day and the price of cheap diabetic test strips are $35.99 per 100 strips, then you would have to spend about $300 per year just for the strips. The price of good test strips are about $75.99, so that would bring you closer to $600 per year.

Based on the general differences, there are three big categories for these testing strips. The first one is those with famous brand on it. These testing strips are generally more reliable since they are of high quality, but they are usually costly and a little bit harder to obtain. Diabetes Test Strips without a brand name on it are easier to obtain and cheaper, but they are less accurate although still reliable enough.

Testing strips with non-handle are more expensive in general, but they could be re-used and are compatible with monitors with non-handle. You might also sometimes obtain free diabetic test strips through Support Plus Medical depending on your eligibility.