Diabetic Snack Ideas with Best Taste

Diabetic snack ideas are important for people with diabetes to keep the blood sugar stable. Doctors usually advice for a mid-afternoon snacks, especially if you are taking special medication that will make your blood glucose low at that time.

Carbohydrate is the enemy for people with diabetes and diabetics should always avoid snacks that are sugary sweet. Whole grains, vegetables and fruits are the diabetic approved snacks and they will also make you healthier as a whole. They will also supply you with energy and nutrients when you are scheduled on a meal.

Portions of Carbohydrate for Diabetic Snack Ideas

Diabetic snack ideas should be controlled by their portion sizes. It will help you manage the blood sugar and it also controls your weight gain as a bonus. People with diabetes are always suggested to bring their own snacks as it will make it easier for them to resist other temptations from their friends, co-workers and junk foods.

Peanut butter, cheeses, low-carbohydrate dressing, low-fat yoghurt, hummus and nuts are your best friends and you can combine them with many things to create healthy snacks of your own.food drink deiabetestic com

Diabetic snack ideas with less than 5 grams of carbohydratecould be exemplified by three celery sticks with a tablespoon of peanut butter. Five baby carrots eaten raw, five cherry tomatoes with ranch dressing, one hard-boiled egg, a quarter cup of fresh blueberries and one sugar-free Popsicle are the other examples. You can also make a cup and a half of green salad and eat them with vinegar and olive oil to get a more filling snack.

Other Portions of Diabetic Snack Ideas

A higher portion of diabetic snack ideas is that with ten to twenty grams of carbohydrate. You could comply with such portion by having half a cup of almonds or other kinds of nuts. You would have to reduce your portion to a quarter of a cup if the nuts are mixed with dried fruits, though. A cup of vegetable soup or chicken noodle is also a delicious idea for a snack. A small apple or orange is also acceptable for the portion, although you can also much on a cup of raw vegetables with hummus.

As long as you know what your portion is and what your diabetic healthy snacks options to your favorite snacks are, rest assured that you could always feel full and satisfied. Fill your refrigerator with these healthy snacks and avoid shopping for groceries when you are hungry to avoid unnecessary temptations.

Avoid eating your snacks when you are watching televisions, reading or driving or limit yourself by not making more than a portion of snacks. Stick to your menu and alternate your diabetic snack ideas to avoid boredom.