Diabetic Nerve Pain Prevention and Treatment

Diabetic nerve pain is one of the complications you might encounter when you are living with diabetes. Almost two thirds of diabetics have been diagnosed with this nerve pain which is also called diabetic neuropathy.

Diabetic nerve pain is caused by various things, including the exposure of nerves to high blood sugar level, high cholesterol, inflammation in the nerves, bad habits like smoking and drinking, and some genetic factors. The pain is mostly temporary, especially if it is treated quickly.

Symptoms and Prevention to Diabetic Nerve Pain

Diabetic nerve pain usually includes pain and tingling, although sometimes the pain is quite sharp and accompanied by numbness or weakness. To explain your diabetic nerve pain symptoms to the doctor, be specific about the type of pain you feel, whether it is dull, stabbing, throbbing, burning or you cannot feel anything at all.diabetestic com

Remember the specific place where the pain show up and what time it usually happens. It is also important to notice whether the pain has disturbed your daily activities and if any of your home treatment helps reducing the pain.

Since the diabetic nerve pain is highly related with your diabetes, there is no better prevention than keeping your blood sugar level at a minimum by having healthy diet. Look up for foods suggested for people with diabetes and avoid the food that will boost your glucose level or your cholesterol.

Keep your portion balanced with a lot of whole grains, vegetables and fruits and little meat, dairy and oil. Choose low fat substitute to your usual food and drink a lot of water to accompany your meals.

Treatments for Diabetic Nerve Pain

Diabetic nerve pain usually takes a while to disappear, so you will need to be patient in your treatment. The most important diabetic nerve pain treatment is to lower your blood sugar by controlling what you eat and exercising regularly. It is better to go with this natural treatment before you try medication since it will work better in the long run and it will benefit your health as well.

If you need the help of medications, try over the counter drugs according to your condition or with a doctor’s help. Basically, if you need a pain reliever, you will need medicine with analgesic. Anti-inflammatory drugs reduce inflammation in the body, and NSAID will both relieve pain and reduces inflammation.

There are a lot of NSAID medicines that are sold over the counter, like Motrin, Ibuprofen, Advil and Aspirin.

NSAID medicines are not recommended for long-term usage, though, as it could damage the liver and kidney in the process. You can also use Tylenol with Acetaminophen for your diabetic nerve pain but it might not be as effective as the other medicines.