Diabetic Food List for Menu Plan

Diabetic food list is important to be able to create a delicious and healthy menu plan for diabetics. For people with diabetes, the line between healthy and sick or sometimes between life and death is highly affected by their choices in meal. In general, there are six categories of food that fill up the diabetic food guide.

If you are planning to make a meal or you are buying groceries, make sure you buy whole grains and breads in the biggest amount. Gradually, you should buy vegetables, fruits, meats and its substitutes and dairy product less than each one before. Fats, oils and sweets should only be had at a minimum amount.

Choices for Breads and Vegetables in Diabetic Food List

Diabetic food list usually includes a lot of breads and vegetables. You should not settle for any kind of breads, though. Choose whole-grain breads like those made from whole wheat flours or from brown rice. They will make you full longer and they will keep your blood sugar low and level.food and drink diabetestic com

Cereals with whole grain and little sugar are also acceptable. Baked potato or baked fries and corn tortillas will also make a good substitute to whole grain breads. It is best to avoid anything with white flour, white rice, white bread, French fries and fried tortillas altogether.

Vegetables are another important part in diabetic food list. You could have them as side dishes or even as snacks during the day. Besides carbohydrate, most of them are rich of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Choose fresh vegetables instead of canned ones as those are rich with added sodium that will not be beneficial for you. Frozen vegetables are a better choice if you cannot get fresh. Eat your vegetables raw, roasted, grilled or lightly steamed without much cheese, sauce or butter. You should also not pickled or made sauerkraut if you have to limit your sodium intake or have a high blood pressure.

Other Foods in Diabetic Food List

Diabetic food list suggests a moderate amount of fruits in your menu. They are best fresh, but frozen or canned fruit in fruit juice is also acceptable. It is also best to pick jam and juice that are sugar-free or without added sugar and preservatives. Meats and beans should be had as well, as they are rich in protein that is beneficial for people with diabetes. They should not be fried, though, but you can grill, broil, bake, stew, or steam them. Diabetic food to avoid includes port bacon, higher fat cuts, anything that is fried and cheeses.

Dairy product is good for people with diabetes as long as they are low-fat. You can have milk, yoghurt, cheese, sour cream, gelato and other dairy products guilt-free this way and you will gain enough protein and calcium for your nutrient needs. Oils, fats and sweets should only be had at a limited amount, but if you have to, choose light dressings, vegetable oil, margarine, non-hydrogenated butter and low-fat mayonnaise. Last but not least, accompany your diabetic food list by drinking a lot of water.