Diabetic Amyotrophy and Its Treatment

Diabetic amyotrophy is a complication that usually happens to people with diabetes. It could occur to both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. The diseases cause excruciating pain and weakness in the buttocks, hip and thigh muscles.

Although it is more common with older diabetics, younger diabetics could also catch this disease as it is getting more common. Today, it is estimated that one in a hundred people with diabetes will get a diabetic amyotrophy diagnosis.

Symptoms and Causes of Diabetic Amyotrophy

Diabetic amyotrophy could be detected by the pain in lower limbs area, usually thigh, hip and buttocks. The pain is severe and it is usually happening in the muscles as the mass of the muscles is lessened. There is also a feeling of weakness in those areas and the knee will lose its reflexes.

The symptomsare usually asymmetrical, which means that it will only happen in one side of the body or it is not as intense in one side as it is in the other side. There could be a possibility of damage in the spinal cord, though, and an elevation of cerebrospinal fluid level could be expected.diabetestic com

Diabetic amyotrophy happens because of diabetic neuropathy. The diabetic neuropathy is the direct complication of diabetes and it causes an irregularity in the works of the nerves.

The lack of blood flow into the legs is also common in people with diabetes, making the lower limbs lacking the nutrients for high functionality. The combination of the two occurrences is what causes the amyotrophy to show up and makes it so painful.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetic Amyotrophy

The best way to diagnose a diabetic amyotrophy is by electro-diagnostic tests. If it is not enough, nerve conduction and needle with electromyography could also be used to advance the diagnosis a step further.

Both the needle and the conduction will help in ruling out other problems and therefore ensuring that the disease is indeed amyotrophy.

Diabetic amyotrophy treatment is actually not hard to do but it requires high patience. First of all, you will need to control your blood sugar level to treat the diabetes itself by exercising, eating right, avoiding harmful habits and drinking some medicines.

Smoking, drinking and uncontrolled emotion would be harmful for the treatment process. To treat the leg affected by amyotrophy, physical therapy is usually needed. People with diabetic amyotrophy would also be given medicines to reduce the pain during the treatment.