Diabetes Mellitus Type 1

If you are asked for what is the most important thing to be owned in your life, then what is your answer? Some of you may answer a home or a car as the most important thing to be owned in your life. But, do you know that healthy is the most important thing to be owned in your life ?

Well, many people definitely need healthy in their life. It may give people many benefits. It will not only make you are able to do anything what you want, healthy may also able to protect you from any diseases attack. Furthermore, it is not only for adult or mature, but, healthy is also needed by the children to protect them from any kinds of disease, one of the most serious diseases that may attack your children is diabetes mellitus type 1.

Some Causes of Diabetes Mellitus Type 1

Well, from the paragraph above we can learn about how important of healthiness for many people is. There are many things that can be gotten by people from being healthy. People need to be health in order to do anything that they want maximally and also protect them in any kinds of disease attack. That is why there are many ways that are some by people to get health in order to be avoided from any kinds of disease attack. One of the most serious diseases that are avoided and being frightened by many people in this world is diabetes with some of its kinds like diabetes mellitus type 1.type 1 diabetes diabetestic com

As what explained before, diabetes is very popular on its deadly reputation. This kind of disease will not make your health is getting worse, but, this disease will also make bad result if it is not given by right treatments which is called death. Moreover, in some countries, this disease notes high number of death people.

As we know, this disease commonly attacks those who are adult or mature people. But, by the time goes by, this kind of disease is possibly attacking the children. The kind of this disease which attacks the children is known as diabetes mellitus type 1 or childhood onset diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus type 1 commonly attacks the youth or children. This disease caused mainly by the high of blood glucose levels or sometimes is called as hyperglycemic. Someone who suffers hyperglycemic will always feel hungry and thirsty. The high intension of drinking will affect to his high frequent of urination. But, although the sufferer eats much time, his weight will be reduced. Easy to get tired is one of the other symptoms of diabetes mellitus type 1. In addition, this disease can cause some other symptoms such as the disturbance on your children’s vision and the pain which occurs around the stomach.

There are many causes which lead diabetes mellitus type 1 on your children. Those causes such as:

  1. Genetics, this factor becomes one of the most common factors which make this kind of disease affect your children. If you are suffering this disease, then it possibly gives your children a risk to suffer that disease too.
  2. Virus, although it is rarely be talked by people, but in fact virus is one of the main causes of this kind of disease. The virus will decrease endogenous insulin production.
  3. Chemical and drugs, there are some types of chemical elements which preferentially destroy the pancreatic cells.
  4. Diet, although it is also rarely discussed, in Finland there is a study which found the correlation of vitamin D diet to the cause of this disease.

Thus, from the some points above you can find that there are many causes that can make the diabetes mellitus type 1 attack your children. So, it is better for you to learn about that causes in order to prepare the protection for your children not to be attacked by this deadly diseasewhich can harm on their health and the worse thing, it will lead their death.

Actually there are many kinds of disease attack which haunt and endanger the people health. In this modern time moreover, the kinds of diseases are getting more various. They are not only able to reduce your health or give problem on your health, but, there are also some diseases which may able to lead you on death.

Diabetes is one of the most serious kind of diseases which is not only make your health under problem, but it will also may able to endanger your life if it is not given by right treatments. This kind of disease also becomes one of the most deadly diseases which cause high number of people death in some countries. There are many types of diabetes that have different specification such as diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2. The main important thing is how to take care themselves to become healthier than before.