Diabetes FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetes is a disease that could be diagnosed in someone’s body when their blood sugar level is not normal. The disease itself could not be told just by looking at someone from their outside appearance, hence they have to get themselves blood checked for them to find out if they have Diabetes or not.
It is definitely better to find out sooner rather than later if you have this disease inside your body, so you could figure out the type of treatment that could help you in living your live longer and healthier even with if you are diabetic. Here are some of the questions that people might have wondered about this particular disease.

Diabetes FAQs

Is there more than one type of Diabetes?

Yes, there is actually two types of Diabetes, Diabetes type one and Diabetes type two.

What is the difference between Diabetes type 1 and 2?

Diabetes type 1 is a condition where your body would not be able to produce insulin anymore which would need them to get insulin shot every so often to keep their blood sugar levels inside their body normal again. Most of the people that suffer from this condition are children and teenagers. Diabetes type 2 on the other hand occurs when your body doesn’t produce enough insulin or the insulin inside your body doesn’t work properly or some people usually say they have insulin resistance. This type of diabetes are mostly diagnosed in people above 40 years, have diabetic genes from their family line or they are over-weight.

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

Some symptoms of diabetes that could be detected by people are they usually thirsty, hungry, needs to go pee all the time, lose weight rapidly, easy to get infection when they are injured, takes a long time for their injuries to heal, and also feels sleepy and exhausted most of the time.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, could it be cured?

Unfortunately, until today diabetes could not be cured, but there is all sorts of treatments and diet plans that you could work out with your doctors to help you in living longer and healthier live even when you are diabetic.

What kind of treatments are there for diabetic patients?

You could take prescribed medicine and take insulin shots to keep your blood sugar levels into normal, also with regular exercise and controlling the food that you eat. Combinations of therapies also have been applied these days for patients with diabetes to go along with the medicine that is prescribed by your doctors and the insulin shots.

Who could suffer from being Diabetes?

Diabetes could happen to just about anyone, especially if they have diabetic genes in their family line, or if they are of the age above 40 years old, over-weight, and if they have been living an unhealthy living pattern with lack of routine exercise.

What is Pre-Diabetes?

Pre-Diabetes is a condition where your sugar blood levels in your body are above normal but not high enough to be categorized as being diabetic just yet.

Can Pre-Diabetic patients be cured?

It’s not that they can be cured or not per say, but with the proper treatment and if they change their lifestyle along with planning the food they eat combined with regular exercises, they could prevent themselves from being diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 in the future.

Is Diabetes a genetic disease?

Yes, diabetes type 2 could be passed down through from family lines through diabetic genes. So you might need to get yourself generally checked if you have parents or other family members that are diabetic.

What are the complications that could happen when you have Diabetes?

If you don’t change your lifestyle, plan the food that you eat properly, or exercise regularly to help you in making your blood sugar levels normal, complications such as stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, blindness, nerve damages, could happen to your body.
Through about 10 years of research, 50% of these complications could be avoidable if you could keep your blood sugar levels in control by planning proper diet plans and other treatments that are available.

Is there a target of blood sugar levels that have to be achieved by diabetic patients?

Yes, there is definitely a target as a goal for diabetic patients to control their blood sugar levels to be considered normal.

How much of blood sugar levels have to be achieved by diabetic patients?

Target goals of blood sugar levels for each individual could be different, but in general they have to achieve 90-130 mg/dl blood sugar level before having any meal, under 160 mg/dl 2 hours after having a meal, 110-150 mg/dl before going to sleep, and have targets of 7% for their HbA1c (pictures of their blood sugar levels within 3 months).

Does insulin work in helping diabetic ?

Yes, it definitely does help but not just with insulin only. They will have to make a proper diet plans also with their doctors if they want to control their blood sugar levels even with the help of insulin shots.

What kinds of exercise are appropriate to be included in their treatment plans?

Regular exercises could definitely help diabetic patients in controlling their blood sugar levels because they would need some sort of physical activities to keep their body metabolism system alive. They could do exercises like walking, biking, jogging and swimming in order to help them in keeping their body fit especially if they are diagnosed as being diabetic. Even routine exercises such as preferring to use the stairs rather than the lift, gardening and morning walk could be done. All of these exercises could definitely be chosen to suit the patients best so they don’t feel like there is any pressure in doing so while feeling happy and satisfy with the result of their change of lifestyle and regular exercises.

What kind of diet plans should be followed by patients that are diagnosed with diabetes?

Diabetes diets could be started with following the right pattern of meals during the day, which usually is to have regular meals 3 times a day. In the morning, breakfast should be followed by exercises such as jogging or walking, around 10a.m. fruits should be consumed, followed by lunch time around noon to 1p.m., another fruit snack time around 3p.m. to 4p.m. and dinner should not be later than 7p.m. at night.

If diabetic patients are suddenly hungry before their meal time, what should they consume?

They should change their unhealthy snacks with fruits, because their body needs the fiber that is in those fruits to absorb the sugar and cholesterol inside your body. By consuming fruits, they would expand inside your gastric that would keep you full for at least another 3 hours before you have your proper meal of the day.

Which type of foods that has to be avoided by diabetic patients?

They would have to avoid food that has high sugar levels such as sugar, soda drinks, and even fruits like jackfruit, banana, and durian.

What are the types of food that is prefect to be consumed?

The main types of foods that they would need to consume are rice, corn and potatoes. The worse are foods that have flour on them, even rice flour. So, you really have to be careful in planning the food that you would want to be included in your diet plans.

What is insulin ?

Insulin is the hormone that is produced by your pancreas that have important functions in your body such as helping to absorb glucose inside the cells in your body and to help in storing glycogen inside your heart and muscles.

What does insulin have to do with diabetic patients?

Diabetic patients depending on the type of diabetes that they have sometime don’t have enough insulin produced inside their body, or their body produces them but the amount that is produced is not enough so they need the help of insulin shots.

What are insulin shots?

Insulin shots are doing to diabetic patients in order to help them produce more insulin inside their body to neutralize their blood sugar levels.

Could the lateness of giving insulin shots be resulted in death?

Yes, they actually could so it is better to be prepared to take the insulin shots in order to help your body to neutralize blood sugar levels rather than taking them late and resulting in bad outcome.

How to keep and store insulin properly?

Insulin has to be stored properly because of its vital use to help diabetic patients. Inside brand new and sealed packages they have to be stored inside the refrigerator that has around 2-8 degree Celsius. You can’t however put them inside the freezer, because freezing insulin can’t be used anymore. Used insulin could be stored inside cool room temperature of about 25 degree Celsius. If they got direct sunlight or have not been used for a while, their colors will turn into yellowish and if they got into this point then you also can’t use them anymore.

What types of insulin shots are there available?

They are available in so many different types of shots to be done to the body of diabetic patients. Syringe and needles could be used but they are hard to clean, and they break easily if they are made out of glass. Plastic syringe are opted by most people for a one time use because they are simpler and more practical. Insulin pen could be another way if they think syringes are too much of a hassle to be used. Last but not least, there is also insulin pumps that could be used to control glucose inside your body depending on the amount that you need.

Is diabetes contagious ?

No, diabetes is not contagious. The only way you could be diagnosed with it is if you have the diabetic genes that run through your family line or because of your lifestyle. It is definitely different from something that is caused by bacteria or virus.

Is it true that diabetic have to stop working out and exercising so hard because they could run out of energy?

No, that is definitely not true because actually they are highly advised to keep exercising regularly so they could optimize the use of the energy inside their body and prevent the excess energy to be turned into fat. Routine exercises could also help with the blood flow inside your boy and increase the sensitivity of insulin. You would need to consult your doctor to find out which exercise might suit you best for you to do daily and regularly.

Does diabetes only suffered by people that consume food that is high in sugar only?

Not really, because with unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise or if they are over-weight they could be diagnosed with diabetes also.

How should diabetic patients change their life styles?

One of the factors that could have gotten them into this disease itself is their unhealthy lifestyles. Maybe they are too lazy to do routine exercises even though it could be as simple as doing some walking or jogging. This definitely has to change especially when they are diagnosed as being diabetic. They would have to combine daily routine of regular exercise along with healthier food that is included in their diet plans.

Can diabetes also be the cause of nerve damage in your body?

Yes, it could which is why in the early symptoms of diabetic patients they usually have “pins and needles” especially around their feet area.

What other diseases can occur because of diabetes?

There are actually a lot of other diseases such as heart defects, heart attack, stroke, kidney defects and blindness.

Diabetes has been one of the diseases that are spreading quickly all over the world, kids from younger age to elderly with a lot of factors from genes to unhealthy living. Even over the years, the numbers have increased so rapidly that people need to really be paying attention with their lifestyle if they want to live a healthier and longer life.
Diabetes itself could turn into more deadly diseases if not handled properly and could be deadly which is why you might want to avoid unhealthy food, exercise regularly and if you know some of your family members that have diabetes already you would get yourself checked out as soon as possible. So if you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes you could set up a diet and exercise plan to help you in preventing the disease into becoming even more deadly and dangerous for your body than it already is.