Diabetes Foot Pain, One of the Most Terrible Complications

When diabetes becomes too hard to control, the risk of diabetes complications will be very frightening for the sufferer. One of the most terrible complications is diabetes foot pain. This condition will be worse if the blood sugar level stay high.

Diabetes can reduce or depriving the blood, oxygen, and also nutrition flow to the foot. It make slowly in healing from blister, cuts, and scars. Beside that diabetes also can causes numbness in the foot.

Diabetes can cause nerve damage on the feet and this condition called peripheral neuropathy. Then if the diabetes has already damaging the nervous system, the diabetes sufferer can not feel the cuts or scars and the possibility of infections get bigger.can type 2 diabetes turn into type 1

Tips to Protect Foot from Diabetes Foot Pain

To reduce the risk of this foot pain, you can do some easy activities to take care the foot from the diabetes complication. There are some tips to protect the foot from the risk of diabetes, one of them is check both feet regularly.

Look carefully over the foot every day, make sure that there are no scars between your foot fingers. Blister or scars can start between the toe, and for diabetic neuropathy they usually will not feel the scars until it get infections. Then you can take care the foot by washing them with warm water.

Don’t wash them with hot water and don’t soak too long in the water. Soaking too long in the water can make the scars hard to get well.

The diabetes sufferer maybe can’t feel the heat with the foot, so check the heat of the water by hands. After make sure the water is warm and not hot, wash the foot briefly every day. Beside that make sure that the footwear is in good condition.

Make sure there are no rough seams, sharp edges or anything that can hurt your feet. Little scars or blister can make the legs lead to irritation and infection. Infections in patients with diabetes will be difficult to heal, therefore it is better to prevent the infection.

Then the people with diabetes should always wear footwear to avoid scratches that cause blisters or sores. Then because nerve damage is difficult to estimate, so diabetes sufferer must always do a routine medical checkup and tell what happened on their body, even though it was just skin redness due to irritation. It can prevent more severe diabetes foot pain.