Diabetes during Pregnancy and The Way to Deal with

Pregnancy is a special moment for every woman in the earth, but for women with diabetes, even it is something possible but there are many things that you should consider about diabetes during pregnancy. A pregnant woman with this long term disease should know how to handle her diabetes by monitoring and control their blood sugar in their daily routine to maintain to only the mother’s health but also the baby inside.

It is recommended for pregnant woman with diabetes to consult with her doctor about pregnancy preparation in order to find out whether the diabetes is controlled enough or not at all. By knowing this it can help both the mother and the infant to lower the possible risk in the future.gestational diabetes diabetestic com

Diabetes during Pregnancy and the Affect toward the Baby

It cannot be denied that diabetes in pregnant woman affect baby growing process. It happens because the baby gets so much sugar from his mother through blood via placenta. This kind of condition leads to the producing of high amount insulin by baby’s pancreas to wash out the extra sugar.

As the result the extra sugar is converted as fat. The consequence is the baby become larger than baby whose mother has no diabetes. This is called macrosomia, not only macrosomia problem which is face by the baby but also some health problems. After the baby born, the lacking of blood sugar after delivery causes breathing problem to newborn baby. The imbalance of magnesium and calcium also occurred as the result of diabetes during pregnancy.

Diabetes during Pregnancy and the Treatment

A good treatment during pregnancy can make pregnant woman can get through this tough situation. A good treatment can lower the risk of miscarriage and any other further unwanted health problems. The purpose of this treatment is to maintain the blood sugar level staying normal. Switch the oral medication into insulin is recommended. Even though oral medication can supply and give you enough insulin during your pregnancy but the safety of it still unknown.

Doctors or care provider prefer to use insulin to you because it is safer and better to control blood sugar than pills you take. Other things beside medication are good diet and exercise. You can work together with your doctor about the diet and exercise which are suit for you and your diabetes during pregnancy, so your blood sugar is always under control.

It is not easy for woman with diabetes problem to deal with pregnancy because so many things they should consider. Certainly, there are some considerations that you should attend. Starting from the baby condition and further complication that probably happens.

However, with proper medication and the awareness of the risk, it makes easier to handle. By applying proper diet, proper exercise and proper lifestyle it can reduce the risk of such unwanted things. So, even though diabetes is a big problem for pregnant woman, but so far we know how to deal with it, diabetes during pregnancy will no longer become something scary.