Diabetes Diet Chart and Meal Plan

Diabetes diet chart are often needed in planning diabetes diet menu for people with diabetes. The number of people with diabetes is very high nowadays, both from the type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the rise in number this past decade, but it usually comes down to a lot of stress, a lack of exercise and irregular meal.

These factors can be found often in modern people’s lives and therefore it is of no surprise that the number continues to rise day by day.

The Diabetes Diet Chart and Schedule

Diabetes diet chart mainly aims at providing a schedule of eating with low carbohydrate and low fat foods that ultimately leads to low calories diet. You might want to check with a healthcare professional in advance to know your calories limit per day, as it differs according to age, gender, height, weight, working schedule and many other factors. Time and portion also play a big deal in the diabetes diet, and therefore they should be well-planned for any menu.food and drink diabetestic com

A general example of a diabetes diet chart is of the following. 06:00 in the morning, with half a teaspoon of fenugreek powder and water as a starter. It is followed by a cup of black tea and a couple of plain biscuits at 07:00. Breakfast is at 08:30 with a plate of oatmeal, half a bowl of full grains and 100 ml of plain milk without cream. A snack could be had at 10:30 with an apple or sugar-free lemon water.

Lunch should be had at 13:00 with 2 pieces of breads, a plate of salad, a bowl of yoghurt and soybean or vegetable with cheese. Another snack could be had by 16:00, with a couple of plain biscuits or whole grains toast and a cup of black tea. Dinner could start at 18:30 with brown rice, green salad, and grilled meat or fish.

Additional Advices to Accompany Diabetes Diet Chart

Besides focusing on the diabetes diet chart, people should know general diabetes diet information to be able to put variation in their meal plan. For example, changing your usual carbohydrate source to their high-fiber alternativeswould make a world of difference. You can exchange white rice for brown rice, pasta and breads with whole-wheat ones and potatoes with sweet potatoes, winter squash or yam.

It is better for people with diabetes to eat often than to eat much at a time. Therefore snack times are important to be included in their daily meal plan. Food should be eaten slowly to better digest them, especially since most of the recommended foods would be high in fiber.

Oily food should be avoided at all costs, with an exception to good oils like omega-3 in fish and vegetable oils like olive, peanut and canola oils. To keep up with their diabetes diet chart, a person with diabetes is also recommended to exercise daily, which can easily be half-an-hour walk from home to work and vice versa.