Complications of Diabetes is the Most Deadly Disease

We know that diabetes is deadly disease and we must knowthe complications of diabetes because it is very important to prevent. If we have diabetes, we should take routine medical check up to get well soon. In many diabetes cases, high blood glucose level and high blood pressure can lead to serious health problem such as affecting the blood and heart vessels, kidneys, eyes, nerves and also teeth.

Beside that the diabetes sufferer also has high risk of infections. It is because one of the symptoms of diabetes is slowly in healing cuts and scars, so it is possible that the diabetes sufferer will have infections risk.

To prevent the diabetes we can do some routine exercise to keep the body stay health and fit. Beside that we should have healthy lifestyle by consume food with balance nutrition. Then if we have had diabetes, we should prevent the diabetes complications by maintaining blood pressure, blood glucose level, and cholesterol. Then we also must take routine medical check up to slow down the developing of the disease. For more detail about it, continue reading this following information.diabetestic com

More Detail About The Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes can lead to some serious health problem. It can affect the heart and blood vessels, kidneys, eyes, nerves and teeth. The diabetes sufferer should have regular monitoring and routine medical check up to prevent the diabetes complications. Here are some of diabetes complications that we must know so can prevent its risk.

  1. Cardiovascular disease: high blood pressure, high glucose level and high cholesterol can affect the heart and blood vessels. It can make fatal complications like stroke and coronary artery disease. Coronary artery disease can lead to heart attack and most diabetes sufferer death because of cardiovascular complications.
  2. Kidney disease: it caused by damage small blood vessels in the kidneys. It lead to the kidneys become less efficient or fail altogether. To reduce its risk, the diabetes sufferer must maintain the blood glucose level and blood pressure.
  3. Eye disease: high blood pressure, high glucose level, and high cholesterol are the main causes of eye disease. The sufferer of diabetes will feel blurred vision or blindness. Maintain the blood pressure and blood glucose by regular medical check up can help prevent this disease.

The complications of diabetes are the most common cause of death in diabetes sufferer.