Cell Transplantation for Diabetes – The Alternative Treatment for Diabetic

To produce insulin in order to stabilize blood glucose, now there is an alternative way which is called cell transplantation for diabetes. This treatment is believed by paramedics as a good way to help diabetic produce insulin, since diabetes is known as a kind of disease that hard to overcome.

Especially for diabetes type I, this type is hard to overcome than the other diabetes type. This is true because the damage of cell in this type is difficult to repair. By creating new alternative treatment, diabetic type I can be calmer, because there is still a hope to keep body get insulin supplies.

The goal of cell transplantation is transfusing insulin by donating the beta pancreas cell. As you know that this cell is used to produce sufficient insulin amount and it has a role to process the metabolism of blood glucose. Therefore, pancreas transplantation method comes to help diabetic and decrease the frequency of injected insulin.food and drink diabetestic com

The Procedure of Pancreas Cell Transplantation for Diabetes

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Cell transplantation for diabetes is a method that can reduce the risk of dependency injection of insulin in the body. This method is quite effective for diabetic, because it is able to produce insulin which is needed by the body to control blood sugar later. As mentioned before that this method is used to change pancreatic beta cell which is damaged. By putting artificial pancreas beta cell into the body, insulin can be secreted into body again.

The artificial pancreas cell will be equipped with the ability to monitor blood sugar levels and monitor insulin levels, so that blood glucose will be stabilized. However, doing transplantation of pancreas cell does not easy, because it must look for a match pancreas. Even though it is proven as effective way in controlling blood glucose, but it can also fail for some diabetics. It is because every diabetic has different immune which automatically can reject strange object in body.

Cell Transplantation for Diabetes – Risk and Benefit

Before deciding to do cell transplantation for diabetes, it is better if you know about your body condition first. It means that you have to make sure that you do not have any other disease, such as heart disease or blood vessel disease. It is really important, because it will effect to your health. Cell transplantation will be not safe for diabetics who have those diseases.

The main benefit of this operation is diabetic can produce the insulin to control blood sugar level for diabetic type I, this method is actually will not make benefits for diabetic type II, because the body of diabetic type II still can produce insulin, but the body is difficult to use.

As well as other medical operation, this treatment also has some risks and side effect for the body. The first effect is bleeding or it may occur infection. After you have this transplantation, you have to consume immunosuppressive. Immunosuppressive is a medicine that has hard side effect for body, it can damage kidney and increase the risk of cancer if diabetic consume this medicine for long term.

Therefore, you have to be careful in deciding to do cell transplantation for diabetes.