Can Prediabetes be reserved for the Diabetics?

Many people that afraid of being a diabetic are asking for can prediabetes be reserved? The answer is of course yes. As the other disease, pre diabetes is kind of disease that includes in a kind of developmental disease. It means that this disease still can be reserved. It is different if a person has included in diabetes mellitus level. In this level, the person cannot be reserved anymore but still can be reduced about the pain and risk that the person has.

The key of this disease is about the life style, if someone’s life style includes in a bad life style where he/she consume too much food but in the opposite side, he/she just exercising only for some times.

Can Prediabetes Be Reserved Through The Life Style?

This is a question that everyone must know about the answer. As the exact causes that come from the insulin that produce in our body, this pre diabetes level has a relation with insulin resistance. Too much fat especially the stomach’s fat and also the timeless exercises or body activities are the important key of the development of pre diabetes itself.prediabetes diabetestic com

By too much fat inside the body, the body itself will be resistance of the insulin that cannot clean the sugar content inside the blood as well as it must. As the result, the blood sugar level will increase and if this happens in a long time, stroke and cardiovascular problem will appear as the risks. But, still can prediabetes be reserved as long as you will.

Can Prediabetes Be Reserved Naturally?

In order to answer the question about can prediabetes be reserved, there are so many ways that can reduce the probability of being a diabetic. In medical world, there are so many doctors that recommend many kinds of drugs that can be consumed in order to get the better condition.

However, this is the instant way where the instant way will not be good for the long lasting term of health. We can still reserve the pre diabetes disease with the natural way. In this case, the life style is very important to be changed. By doing more exercise in daily life and doing a better diet pattern, it will be good for the development of your health in case of pre diabetes disease.

Talking about the way of reserving pre diabetes, there are some specific ways which can prevent the pre diabetes happen. Pre diabetes and type 2 diabetes and all its complications can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as losing weight for those who are overweight by 5 until 10% or at least 5 kg for individuals with 90 kg of weight. Eating healthy and balanced diet is also good for this effort of being healthy.

Doing moderate intensity physical exercise for 30 until 60 minutes per day or at least 4 days a week is very good. And you have to do laboratory tests and consulting doctor regularly. By doing all of those prevents, you will answer your own question that is can prediabetesbe reserved.