Can Diabetics Eat Banana? What Fruits Diabetics Should Avoid?

You might be wondering can diabetics eat banana since it is important to make sure the blood sugar stays stable. With controlled level of blood sugar, then you can prevent and slowing down the progression for some complication in diabetes to developed. This is why; it is essential for you to minimized and even avoid the food which can cause blood sugar to spike suddenly.

Banana is a healthy fruit, however it is also contains high amount of sugar and carbs which can cause blood sugar to spike. Hence the previous question is coming from. To be able to answer the question, then it is better for you to learn the effect of this fruit to the level of blood sugar. Here are some things to consider.

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Banana is high in carbs that can cause blood sugar to spike

It is important for you to know how much carbs that is available in the food that you consume. Especially since; carbs is the one that is able to increase the level of blood sugar greatly, compared to other types of nutrient. This means it will highly affect your control when it comes to the consumption of food containing this nutrient.

On normal people, that are non diabetic, the rise of blood sugar will trigger their body to produce insulin. It will then make the body transfer the sugar out from the blood then moves it inside cells to be stored or used. However, for those who are diabetic this process does not work correctly.

The body might not be able to produce enough amounts of insulin or cells that are more resistant to insulin. If the person cannot control their carbs intake, then the carbs consumption can cause blood sugar to spike. Thus they need to pay attention to what they eat. Then what fruits diabetics should avoid? The type of fruit that diabetic should avoid is dried fruit as the sugar inside is more concentrated when they are dried.

Banana contains fiber that can reduce blood sugar from increasing

Inside banana in medium size, you can find 3 grams of this fiber. Because of the banana benefits and side effects, even diabetic people along with normal people all should eat this fiber. But on diabetic people, the benefit of fiber is even greater. Fiber can slow down the digestion as well as the absorption of carbs.

This means it can help to control the blood sugar and reduce the amount of sugar in the blood so it would not be spiking. Since banana also contains fiber, this means the fruit will be absorbed and digest slower. Thus it will prevent the blood sugar from increasing.

Unripe (green) banana have resistant starch

For banana, which is the best fruit for diabetic patients? The type of carbs available inside the banana will be depends on the ripeness of the fruit. When the banana is unripe, then it will have less sugar and more resistant starch inside. This type of starch is type that has long chain and it is more resistant to the upper digestion system.

The function is actually pretty similar to fiber thus it would not cause the blood sugar to spike. There are studies that this type of starch is beneficial for people that have type 2 diabetes, since it can help to reduce inflammation as well as improving their sensitivity to insulin.

Portion sizing

From those we can see that the effect of banana to the blood sugar will highly depends on its ripeness as the carb type available is also different. However, you should also remember that the portion sizing will also affect your sugar intake. Surely when you eat bigger size banana, then the sugar that you consume will also become larger. In turn it will also affect the amount of blood sugar.

Can Diabetics Eat Banana?

When it comes to diabetics, the common recommendation is to have balanced and healthy diet. Vegetables and fruit such as this banana are known to give better health as well as lowering the risk of various diseases. As diabetic has higher risk of getting various diseases, then it is important for them to consume those foods. Especially since banana contains vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C, fiber, antioxidant, and many others. This makes for most diabetics consuming fruit such as this banana is good.

However, if you are doing strict diet with low carb intake, then this fruit might not be a good choice as small bananas already contains 22 grams on the carbs. Then how can I lower my blood sugar quickly? Working out and pay attention of what you eat can help you to control it easier. If you are not doing this plan then it will be good to eat banana. But you still need to consider the ripeness as well as the size of the banana that you consume.

Tips to eat banana for diabetics

For diabetics who want to eat banana, then you need to consider this few tips so the fruit would still be beneficial for your body and you can still control the blood sugar.

  1. Pay attention to the size

The amount of carb would be bigger when the banana size is bigger. That is why; try to choose smaller size banana instead of bigger one. This will allows you to control the sugar intake easier.

  1. Eat one that is nearly ripe

Do not eat banana that already overly ripe since it will contains more sugar. Instead eat one that is nearly ripe so the sugar will be a little bit lower.

  1. Spread the portion

When you want to eat a few portions of fruit, and then try to spread the portion throughout the day. Thus you would not consume too much sugar in one intake.

  1. Mix the banana

Try to mix the banana with other food when you eating it, for example eating it with yoghurt or nut. This will make your body absorb and digest the sugar inside slower. Read Also : What’s The Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Remember that the effect you will get from consuming banana will be different for each person. Thus you still need to pay attention to the effect that you get.