Can Diabetics Drink Alcohol – A Wise Decision

Can diabetics drink alcohol? With alcohol being consumed in regular basis as a part of lifestyle, many diabetics still drink alcohol despite being diagnosed with diabetes condition. But is this drink allowable to drink by diabetics?

Well, the truth is that alcohol can cause either too highor too low blood sugar level. And, it also has lots of calories. Either way, it is not good for diabetics. But if you cannot stop drinking alcohol, make sure to drink it occasionally and under control.

For instance, drink only one glass of alcohol once a week but only if you are in good health condition. Be sure to consult the doctors to find out whether or not the alcohol is safe.

Effects of Alcohol on Diabetics

When a diabetic drinks alcohol, it causes various effects including an unusual effect that only few persons know. For instance, excess alcohol actually causes decreased blood sugar level but moderate alcohol causes blood sugar rise.

Both spike and fall of blood sugar level are dangerous so diabetics need to be aware of it. Type of alcohol that often causes blood sugar rise includes sweet wine and beer. Alcohol intake stimulates appetite. In other words, it may cause overeating and in turn affecting the blood sugar level.can diabetics drink alcohol can diabetics drink alcohol can diabetics drink alcohol

Since most alcoholic drinks contain many calories, they are the reasons behind weight gain that is not good for diabetics. Poor judgment is another bad effect of alcohol that leads diabetics to poor food choices. It is more likely for diabetics to choose sugary and high-calorie foods.

Alcohol also has direct link to certain medicine including insulin and other diabetes medicine. It affects the positive medicine’s effects which means interrupting the way medicine works. Other side effects of alcohol intake for diabetics include increase of blood pressure, triglyceride level, slurred speech, nausea, flushing and increased heart rate.