Can a Diabetic Eat Mango According to Expert?

Can a diabetic eat mango as this delicious fruit also contains a lot of sugar which need to be avoid by people with diabetes. However, turns out this fruit also give several benefits even to diabetic people. Thus you can actually still consume it even when you are diabetic or for those that are prone.

A mango in medium size will have around 100 to 135 calories, also contains carbs around 25 grams and fiber around 3 grams. When seeing only this number, you will notice that the number is not as high as you would think it would be.

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Can a Diabetic Eat Mango? Complete Recommendation and Tips

There are several studies that research about the benefit of mango for diabetic. A study from FASEB shows that eating this fruit every day can actually help in controlling and even in lowering the level of blood sugar even though it actually have high natural sugar content.

Another study done by Oklahoma University stated that consuming this fruit can help in lowering resistant to insulin which then can help to improve the glucose tolerance for diabetic. This might be the reason why ADA recommended this fruit as one that can be consume safely by diabetic.

However, it is also important to remember that diabetic only able to consume mango in moderate. Try to consume it as an exchange to any other carbs source that is usually eaten for example grain, starch and even product made from dairy.

Furthermore, mango should only be eaten during the day, to help to burn the carbs that you get from it throughout the day. The amount that is safe to consume for every person is different. Thus you need to decide it based on the intensity of your diabetes problem.

Tips in Consuming Mango for Diabetic

If diabetic want to eat mango, then they can eat it in small portion once in a while. It should also be eaten only during the day or in the morning instead of the other carb source. You can try to cut the fruit into small size bite so it can easily be digest by your body. Read Also : Can Diabetics Eat Bananas ?

Most importantly you should not eat it with other food item that has high carb such as desert; instead eat it individually as a fruit. After consuming mango, then you need to also adjust the other carbs consumption throughout the day. Do a lot of activities to burn all the calories that you gain from eating mango.