Blood Sugar Ranges : Normal, Low and High

Blood sugar ranges have three types of level; normal, low and high. A human is in healthy and good condition if he/she has normal blood sugar level. The normal range is in 70-110 mg/dl after a person does fasting for 8 hours. If you have normal blood sugar, it means you will not get body constraints. However, the range of blood will increase when you start to consume food.

The rising of blood sugar from normal to high after easting will not be dangerous for your body, if you can control your diet. If you get higher blood sugar level, it means you will get diabetic where your body starts to cannot produce insulin. Beside of wrong dietary term, there some factors that causes normal blood sugar level to higher, such as less exercise, menopause, consuming drugs and some others.

Blood Sugar Ranges: The Range of Low Blood Sugar

Having low blood sugar ranges is also not a good condition for your body. This is also the disease that you have to be aware. Low blood sugar range is the common complication from insulin injection. There are some factors of low range of your blood sugar, such as weight loss, pregnancy, changes diet time or chronic disease of liver. In this case, you may experience three or more times of mild insulin reaction.

The reaction of insulin is the condition where you blood sugar is lower than normal around 20mg/ 100ml. Whenever the body reacts of low range, the brain will release of several hormone, so that you will get sweating, pale, fast heart beat and others. The hormone will also release the glucose of the body, then goes to the liver and creates glycogen that will increase blood sugar level.diabetestic com Blood Sugar Ranges

Blood Sugar Ranges: The Range of High Blood Sugar

If you have high blood sugar range, it means that you have serious health problem which is diabetic. It is happened because there much blood sugar in the body that cannot be controlled, since the body cannot produce insulin.

Then range of sugar blood for diabetic is more than 126mg/dl or more than 180mg/dl after two consecutive checks after two hours of eating. The sugar blood will be higher if you consume much carbs, it will effect blood sugar ranges increase and the narrow blood vessels.

To prevent this thing, you have to consume high protein, nutrient food and avoid sugary foods. Arrange high quality of daily menus, such as consume fiber rich of wheat bread in the morning, for lunch you can substitute brown rice or wheat with corn pudding and for dinner you can consume low-fat meat and fruits. Do not forget to always drink mineral water routine. It is better rather than any kinds of beverage.

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Moreover, you also have to do weigh lose program by doing exercise in order to burn fat deposit that effects insulin. Therefore, to avoid high blood sugar ranges you have to control you diet, because food consumption is the main factor in controlling the sugar blood in your body.