Benfotiamine and Diabetic Retinopathy – Treatment and Effect of Diabetes

Most of diabetics may not know about benfotiamine and diabetic retinopathy. In fact, both of them are two things that really close with diabetes. Benfotiamine is natural substance that diabetic needs to control the blood glucose; this is a form of thiamine. It coms form allium of vegetables, such as garlic, leeks or onion. The natural substance in allium is now available in supplement from that can be consumed by diabetic easily.

Meanwhile, diabetic retinopathy is a disease that affecting the eyes because of diabetes. This is the side effect of diabetes and one of diabetes complication which will be accepted by the body when blood sugar levels continue to rise. Don’t you realize how dangerous diabetes, because of this disease you will get new other disease. Therefore, you have to keep your sugar blood level and adjust your diet to avoid the other complications.can type 2 diabetes turn into type 1

Benfotiamine and Diabetic Retinophaty – The Benefits of Benfotiamine

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Benfotiamine and diabetic Retinopathy may be do not understand well by diabetic, therefore we have to inform you about that. First we have to inform you about benefits of Benfotiamine. Having low thiamine in body is effected to the health, includes diabetes.

To manage the thiamine condition in order to increase the healthy condition of the body, therefore diabetic is recommended to consume benfotiamine. It can be found from allium family, such as garlic or onion. Based on the research in 2006, benfotiamine is effective to control the blood glucose.

In the research, there are 13 diabetics type II is given a meal that has high content of AGEs before and after 3 days they consuming 1,050mg benfotioamine every day. The result of the study shows that benfotiamine protects the oxidative stress thought the consumption of AGEs. Moreover, this natural substance also can slow the aging process, boost mood and improve brain function.

Benfotiamine and Diabetic Retinopathy – Understanding Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes does not only attack the cells that produce the insulin, but the effect of diabetes also can be obtained through the whole body. Therefore, diabetes can makes disease complications; one of those diseases is retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is eyes damage which is triggered by blood sugar levels.

The damage that occurred in the first time is only visual impaired, but if this is not treated immediately, this mild visual damage will be changed into acute visual problem. Actually, benfotiamine and diabetic retinopathy can be a good treatment to control this complication of diabetes.

The problem of acute retinopathy is seen through the lens which is loss its function, and the effect diabetic can be permanent blindness. This problem will be really hard to overcome, because the retina cannot be recovered anymore. However, for mid visual damage can be overcome by laser treatment. This way is claimed as effective way to reduce the complication effect of diabetes.

Therefore, prevention is better than cure. Prevent this disease, you are better to adjust your diet and do exercise in order to stabilize the blood sugar level. Benfotiamine and diabetic retinopathy also can be the alternative treatment to overcome the eyes damage because of diabetic.