Athletes with Type 1 Diabetes in the World

As a disease that can attack anyone, there are some athletes with type 1 diabetes that known around the world. Healthy is very close with sport and exercises. Many people think that athletes surely have the healthy life and also the body. However, it can’t be denied that a disease can attack any bodies include the athlete itself. Although the athletes lifestyle is very protective from the bad style, the food that consumed by the athlete itself can be the source of the diabetes type 1.

However, the disease that an athlete has is not become the obstacle in order to get good achievements. In this opportunity, we will talk about some athletes that have a good achievement but contract diabetes disease.type 1 diabetes diabetestic com

Athletes with type 1 diabetes who still have good power

He is Nicholas Boynton, a professional hockey player born in Canada. He played professional hockey for the club, Anaheim Ducks. Before playing in Anaheim, Boynton previously work in the Phoenix Coyotes and Boston Bruins. Although he includes in athletes with type 1 diabetes, until today he still has good performance in the hockey competition.

Although the illnesshe has, he will nevergave up, and proves that pain is not a major barrier, especially for us who are healthy. This can be an inspiring example that can we learn because there is nothing that can be the obstacles to get an achievement include diabetes or another disease actually.

Athletes with type 1 diabetes who get the good achievements

He is Ryan Reed, a NASCAR driver who is still young in about 20 year old suffering from type 1 diabetes, diagnosed by a doctor suffering from diabetes in February 2011. Ryan is also currently a member of the Stop Diabetes movement and become donors to the American Diabetes Association.

Besides Ryan who includes in athletes with type 1 diabetes, there is Elizabeth Profit who is a female tennis player who suffers from type 1 diabetes, approximately 14 years Elizabeth has been suffering from Type 1 diabetes is. Elizabeth is also a member of the Stop Diabetes movement at the American Diabetes Association.

There is also the athlete from Pakistan, Wasim Akram is a cricket athlete, famous forthe strength ofhis left hand in a hit and throws the ball, despite suffering from diabetes diagnosisd, Akram scored several records in the sportof cricket.

This ex striker of Philadelphia Eagles club is American football players who are highly respected. Despite diabetes, Barnes was able to compete at the highest level to the maximum of the most popular sports in the United States. Not only excel in any sport, Walter Barnesis also a film actor for the Americas and Europe.

There is also Byle whois a famous runner in the world with diabetes. He managed to run across North America as far as about six thousand km. He is also the first athlete who depends on the use of insulin in running sports.

Ayden Byle also known as the founder of the diabetes research foundation. Until now, Byle already donated hundreds of thousands of dollars for diabetes research this. Those are the example of athletes with type 1 diabetes.